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Webcam pussy belgium 1on1. She’d been drawn to Lizzy’s heady mixture of innocence and sexuality since she’d had her in her history class at Roosevelt high last year.

Fairly bright, good natured, polite, and always smiling or laughing, cute little Lizzy had quickly become, unknowingly, a favorite forbidden fantasy. Eden lifted her fingers to her lips, licking them clean, imagining that it was Lizzy’s pussy she tasted on them instead of her own, resisting the urge to get herself off once more before heading back to school to finish grading papers.The job of house sitter had been somewhat serendipitous.

Eden had needed someone at the house to take the delivery of a new dryer a few months prior. A neighbor had suggested she knew someone trustworthy, her sister’s daughter, and that someone had turned out to be Lizzy.

When Eden, and her husband Alex, had returned that evening, they’d discovered that the girl had, instead of simply sitting around watching TV all day, straightened up the house and did the dishes.Impressed, they’d offered her a part time job of house sitter, never really defining it. Webcam pussy belgium 1on1.

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