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Ruskie videochat. As I finally descended from my climax, the true horror of my situation finally dawned: bound and helpless, raped and in a few moments abandoned in a sticky, steaming pool of a stranger’s cum and the juices of my own incredible orgasm.“No means no,” I whispered, my eyes pinched shut against the tears that were about to erupt.

I held my breath. The body above me collapsed heavily onto my chest, crushing my breasts and driving the breath out of me.

The pillow slip pulled off my head and I blinked against the sudden brighter light. “Jeannie! Jeannie!

It’s okay. It’s just me.” Kevin’s voice.

Oh my God. I blinked again and he came into focus, glancing alternately between my face and my wrists where he was fumbling to release me.“Oh Kevin,” I breathed, crying in relief.

He got my hands free and I threw them around his chest, burying my face in his neck. Ruskie videochat.

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