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Chat cam greece online. Milton walking into a wall of insane cacophony as forty or fifty Harley Davidsons all revved up at once.

He clapped his hands to his ears in pain and ran to his car to follow the gang back to their secret lair. He watched with nauseous jealousy as Rogan drove away with Sophie on the back of his bike, clinging to him for dear life as they roared away.Milton, followed the motorcyclists for just a short drive until they came to a innocuous dirt road that led back into the woods for a few hundred yards.

There they came to a large asphalt lot and a modest wooden lodge building. Milton parked his car and squirmed through the crowd of milling bikers to get inside.

They looked at him strangely but stepped aside to let him pass until he got to the front door where his path was blocked by Tiny, the huge fellow that Buttercup had chided on the way into the bar earlier.“You can’t come in here, little man,” said Tiny, towering over Milton threateningly. Chat cam greece online.

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