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Chat xxx republic woman. “JESUS, WHAT THE…,” I began, and then “Ohhh!” as whatever had touched me forced rudely inside and began slowly pumping my pussy. Oh my God, what was it?There was no one on the bed other than me.

A finger? No, thicker. A thumb?

Yes, probably. I felt it fuck deeper into me, my tight entrance stretching and closing around a hard knob of bone.Definitely a thumb. “Oh my God, Kevin!” I gasped, partly from the surprise and partly from the pleasure of finally having something in my pussy. “You scared the shit out of me!” Still there was no response and no sound, just the wet, hungry sucking of my pussy as that thumb slowly fucked me.

What was the game now? I knew he was there so why wasn’t he saying anything?

It wasn’t like him. (What was that again?) It wasn’t like him … Oh my God. I went cold.

The front door was open. Chat xxx republic woman.

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