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Twenty minutes until the next train!We looked at each other urgently. “Taxi?” Kevin suggested, eyebrows raised. “I’ll pay,” I blurted, grabbing his hand and hurrying back downstairs to the taxi rank.Improbably, there was actually a taxi waiting. Still more improbably, it was clean and the driver spoke English.

Most improbably of all, he drove carefully and safely using the most direct route to my apartment! I was worried that we were being abducted by aliens.Pay the driver.

Keep the change. Slam. Stumble.

Fumble the keys. Fall through the door.

Kissing. Hands everywhere.

Find the light switch. Panting.

Heart pounding in my ears. “Wait,” I husked. “I’ve changed my mind.” “WHAT?” he blurted, eyes flying open. “Kidding,” I smiled. “I just want to slow things down.” “Success,” he said tightly, taking his hands from under my skirt and placing them in the small of my back.We kissed again, less desperately but more enjoyably; I wanted to enjoy all of this, to remember every moment.Still kissing, we edged towards the bedroom, shedding shoes along the way while I unbuttoned Kevin’s shirt for the second time that night and he pulled my blouse over my head. Chatting webcam sex austria free.

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