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Sex cam gratis. She admired it, lightly brushing her fingers over the diamonds in disbelief that she now owned something so expensive.

How could he afford this? She wondered.

Rachel peered inside the bag again and retrieved a little card: Babe, I know you said that we should take it slow,  and I want that as well. I want to earn your trust again.

  But I just need you to know that you are the diamond in my life, and just like  a diamond, that is how I want to cherish you.Please accept  my gift and do me the honor of wearing this bracelet tomorrow night  when I take you to the opera.  I love you, Rachel  -C  Her eyes welled up with tears.She was overwhelmed.

She felt elated, sad, grateful, and guilty. A pair of masculine arms wrapped around her waist from behind, surprising her. “I see you found my present.” Casey kissed her neck, pulling her closer to him. Sex cam gratis.

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