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Erotic live cams. I held the book open with one hand and rested it on my knee, and Rick had to lean so close that I could hear him breathing.

At the end of each page I turned my head to look at him and see if he had finished too, and when he looked up our faces would be inches apart. I would have given anything at that moment to know the secret sign that movie stars use to let their screen-lovers know they are ready to kiss.After a couple of pages, I was getting sloppy with my book-holding and had allowed the spine to close a little.

Without saying anything, Rick reached in and closed his hand around mine, adding the pressure of his own thumb in the fold to open the book wider. Could he hear my breathing?

He could hardly miss it; I sounded like a steam engine. Holding my hand and with the backs of his fingers resting lightly on my bare knee, I thought I might explode.I didn’t want that moment to end. Erotic live cams.

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