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Russian roulette chat. The whole ordeal was like socializing a scared little puppy around strange groups of people—me being the puppy, of course.

I was nervous and trying so hard to keep it together, but I remained calm and sociable as much as I could.At that point, I couldn’t really understand my social anxiety. All I knew was that it would sky rocket around attractive men.

Oliver didn’t exactly fit under that category of what I considered attractive, but he was funny and friendly.He seemed harmless, which didn’t make the alarms go off in my head, and that was a good thing. The guy was an inch taller than me, and I was 5’7.

He had buzzed blonde hair, blue eyes, and a dimple in his chin. I’m sure he could have found his ideal match at that party, but he wasn’t my type.

After about an hour, there were at least fifty people mingling around me in suits and colorful dresses.It was a good thing Skylar’s place was big enough.Her family was wealthy, which was why she was able to afford pretty much anything she wanted, and that also explained the ridiculously expensive condo she was living in (on the rich side of the city). Russian roulette chat.

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