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One on one sex video chat. I never thought I’d see anything like this.” “Me either, but at least we have a place to hide.” “Do you think she’s nuts?” “Probably, but so what?She has her own theater and she seems happy.

That’s more than I can say for a lot of people.” “But this isn’t real. She’s living in her own made up world.” “Maybe we all live in our own made up world.” I glanced at her, then looked back at the theater and the sign advertising Swan Lake.“My world isn’t made up.

I’m running away and now the police are after you…that’s real.” “I didn’t say anything, but nodded, then turned on the ignition and drove around the theater to the back. About fifty feet from the rear of theater was a long pink trailer with flower boxes lining the windows. One on one sex video chat.

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